Trauma and Hoarder clean-up service

Hoarding is a complex problem often occurring over many years. The person usually has levels of difficulty arising from personal circumstances. For example, this could be due to past experience, loss and so many other reasons. This leads them to hoard everything from personal items to personal waste creating dangerous and an inhabitable environments.

If the person is still living in the environment, the situation is overwhelming but at times they find it difficult to accept help. Often opting to wanting to solve the problem themselves due to fear of being judged or others not respecting their views.

If the person is deceased we are able to liaise with relevant professional agencies and family. As well as contain the property from risks.

Our team of cleaning operatives rely on support from our in-house experienced Social workers who have first-hand experience of dealing with sensitive situations transparently and respectively.

Our aim is to return the property to a safe and hygienic state, items for removal will be agreed and confirmed, pre-photographs are taken of all the areas particularly when dealing with a deceased hoarder. On completion we will take photographs as evidence of work done.

Some of our work